Voices in Harmony ~ About Us

pose2-1We are CitySound, around 30 singers who decided in 2012 that we wanted to form ourselves into a new choir. It has been an exciting journey. We knew that we wanted to sing as varied a repertoire as possible, – everything from Monteverdi to Bohemian Rhapsody. We hope that our name CitySound shows that we are not rooted in any particular musical tradition.

We also knew that we wanted to be as good as possible, and were prepared to work hard at our rehearsals. We were lucky to persuade Australia-born Ruth McKibbin, now an enthusiastic resident of Somerset, to take us on. As our Musical Director she brings together her own experiences as chorister, operatic soloist and teacher, and insists on wasting no opportunity to develop our vocal technique and our musical sensitivity. We usually come out of rehearsals reeling and exhausted, but exhilarated.

We hope we are not too inwardly focussed. Joining together to make music is surely one of the finest things a community can do. We like to work and perform with other choirs, especially young choirs. Various contacts have made this possible in and around Bath.

Although we like the intimacy and controlled sound that a smaller choir can make, and therefore don’t want to grow significantly, we will always welcome new members. We, like many choirs, have an unaccountable need for more tenors. We’d love to see new faces, however diffident, at our Wednesday evening rehearsals in Bath.

We meet at 7.45pm on Wednesdays, except in August, in the basement (side door) of St Stephen’s church, the prominent church on Lansdown Road at the fork with Richmond Road.

Introducing CitySound Voices:


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