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No passwords are required on these helpful websites:

CitySound Archive at

This is an open resource for members to share choir related pictures and videos. It has limited storage so please upload only the best pictures and videos. The maximum file size is 250Mb so save videos as MP4 files. Please give a meaningful name and date to any folders created and files uploaded. There is minimal control over this facility and files may be deleted, so keep files you value on your own computer or backup system too. Some pictures and videos may be selected for display on the CitySound Voices website.

Upload pictures and videos to the archive at or use this link: BOX
Enter the archive email address and password. (Contact: if you’ve forgotten).
You can probably get your computer or device to save the login details.

BOX apps are available for Apple and Android devices and these make it even easier to use.  Pictures can be viewed directly on the BOX site or a copy downloaded, with some operating systems videos have to be downloaded to view.

For help or suggestions please contact: